"Consistency is the key to my success"


After that first week (3 days into it) I could barely move. Prior to that, I thought I was in decent shape because I ran 12+ miles a week and did some lifting at a gym a couple of days a week. HFF has really shown me what “in shape” really is and how to get there. The classes were absolutely essential for me to learn how to work out properly and how to become more physically fit.

The most motivating part for me is the classes – the fact that they are challenging and every 4 weeks they change so you can’t plateau.

My biggest accomplishment so far has been how much I’ve progressed in my deadlifting ability. And the fact that I finished the “ladder down” 10-9-8 …1 workout in less than the allotted time.

My favorite exercise is anything but sled pushing or burpees!

I had an injury (unrelated to HFF) with my neck/shoulder. Emily and Jeremy truly care about getting me back to where I was before the injury, yet the plan is not to rush to get there. They know that to get back there is a process (probably because Emily has been through it personally). So they have made me understand that getting back to normal is truly a bunch of small steps in strengthening and improving mobility. Semi private training sessions is where we concentrate on those steps. Having said that, in regular classes, Emily and Jeremy would always point out modifications or alternatives for certain exercises that they knew I wouldn’t be able to do or that would exacerbate my injury.

Consistency is the key to my success – some days I just don’t feel like going to the class but it’s important to go and give it the best I have for that day.

For me, the major areas of improvement are my conditioning, my strength and my mobility (in that order)

You get all of the personal encouragement and fitness instruction you need from two very knowledgeable, motivated and caring coaches who are doing this because they love it – plus it’s fun. I’ve made friends at the 7 AM class – we work hard, encourage each other and have a few laughs along the way.

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