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  • 30lbs down. At 63, I’m reversing my age!

    I joined HFF in September 2015 after determining that my membership at another studio was not delivering the activity and programs I needed to improve my h

    linda h.
  • Biggest motivation

    Since starting at HFF I have lost 10 lbs (the healthy way) and went down 2 1/5 pants sizes. The best part is everyone notices, it’s not just me! I hav

    tammie n.
  • Consistency is the key to my success

    After that first week (3 days into it) I could barely move. Prior to that, I thought I was in decent shape because I ran 12+ miles a week and did some lift

    steve d.
  • Lost over 15 pounds

    Since joining HFF and training with Jeremy and Emily, I have lost over 15 pounds and I’ve gotten my first ever pull up! I’ve also noticed gains in stre

    yvonne h.
  • Enthusiastic and encouraging

    The Boston Renegades is a full contact, semi-professional Women’s Football team that has won three national Championships in the last 7 years. “Prio

    the boston renegades
  • Increased flexibility

    I’ve played team sports my whole life and recently left the Marine Corps after 11 years of service. I needed to be back in an environment where people pu

    dave c.
  • My favorite exercise is the sled push

    Since joining High Function Fitness I’ve been able to increase my strength but more importantly I’ve seen real improvement in my stamina. The mixed str

    peter g.
  • Working together to push ourselves

    In my time training with HFF, I have learned more than I ever did in the 15 years working out at a regular weight lifting gym. I learned about working out

    craig c.
  • I am having fun!l

    Since joining High Function Fitness and training with Emily and Jeremy, I can truly say it has changed my life. I have always had a hard time in the gym se

    mike l.
  • I feel Motivated

    I cannot say enough about how much I love HFF. The program is setup so you can easily set goals for yourself and track your progress. I really enjoy the st

    ashleigh g.
  • Atmosphere is friendly and supportive.

    I’ve learned so much about my body in the last 6 months – both strengths and relative weaknesses. And that knowledge is extremely valuable both in and

    ben m.
  • Biggest key to success

    My goal when I joined HFF was to feel healthier. I have struggled with my weight for the last 20 years and I really wanted this time to be different. So I

    siobhan r.
  • Incredibly nice and encouraging

    My favorite thing about HFF is the community feel. Everyone is super friendly and very encouraging. The unique workout schedule helps to motivate me to

    caroline b.
  • My key to success is determination

    Playing sports my life has caught up to me with certain injuries but I came to High Function for a better balance of workouts and to get back to having bet

    craig f.
  • Very professional

    Looking back since I have joined HFF, I would say that I am most proud about getting in better overall shape and becoming stronger. My favorite thing being

    tj b.
  • I am an athlete

    Since starting High Function Fitness I have noticed much more definition and visible muscle in my body since starting. This program is different for me bec

    briana d.

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