"Lost over 15 pounds"


Since joining HFF and training with Jeremy and Emily, I have lost over 15 pounds and I’ve gotten my first ever pull up! I’ve also noticed gains in strength and my core. I am the smallest I have been in 7 years!

My favorite thing about HFF is the people. It really makes working out more enjoyable when your doing it with fun motivating people!

I personally LOVE to workout and being in a group setting makes it even more enjoyable. It’s very easy for me to stay consistent with my gym routine because I love it, it’s my “me” time and I’ve made it part of my life. Going to the gym everyday to me is like taking a vitamin, you find a time to get it in! I find it’s easier to workout in the morning, that way the craziness of work and family won’t derail you later in the day.

By far the most exciting thing that has happened since I started training at High Function Fitness is that I’ve lost 15 pounds and can finally see the muscles I’ve worked so hard to get! In addition, I actually get excited when I see my two favorite exercises on the board they are deadlift and kettle bell swings.

The two biggest keys to my success are first, the way in which Jeremy and Emily motivate and push me every day; their knowledge on training and weight loss is second to none. Second (and most importantly) CONSISTENCY, even when I don’t want to get up some mornings I have made the commitment to show up and that’s where my results come from!

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