"Very professional"


Looking back since I have joined HFF, I would say that I am most proud about getting in better overall shape and becoming stronger. My favorite thing being able to challenge myself in ways I didn’t think I could before I started at HFF.

I was always into sports as a kid and grew up playing at least one sport at a time. HFF took the spot of playing sports for me in a way. I enjoy coming as much as I can no matter how challenging the work out is. It is an outlet from the everyday life of waking up going to working and then going home. No matter how My day at work was before I go to HFF I am always in a better mood and feel better once I leave. There is also a strong sense of comradery and family that I really enjoy being apart of. Everyone is very friendly and caring towards one another.

Most exciting accomplishment I have done at HFF is by far is my endurance on the assault bike from the first testing week to the second testing week I surprised myself with taking a minute off my 50 calorie bike.

My favorite exercise is anything to do with a pull up bar I like doing any type of pulls ups and I like attempting muscle ups.

The best part of semi private is getting a workout designed for you. I like how you tell Emily and Jeremy what you are looking to get out of working out. They really watch you work out and take the time to correct anything that you are doing wrong and how to do it properly.

One word that would describe my success is dedication. I try and show up and work the hardest I can every time I go.

I have seen the most improvement in everything. I since I have started I have gotten in great shape and feel more confident in every excise that I do.

One piece of advice that I would give to someone that was think about joining but is a little nervous is to come in and to talk to Jeremy and Emily. They are very professional and always have great hair cuts which is important to me. I have been there from the beginning and I have watched not only Jeremy and Emily but the whole gym open up to new members and welcome them in. Don’t be nervous about making a mistake or think your going to look silly because everyone has been there before. More likely than not at the end of your work out people will come over to you and tell you “nice job”.

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