"Enthusiastic and encouraging"


The Boston Renegades is a full contact, semi-professional Women’s Football team that has won three national Championships in the last 7 years.

“Prior to our 2015 season we had the incredible opportunity to work with Emily and Jeremy on our conditioning program. They devised and coached us through bi-weekly training sessions and worked with us on general strength and mobility.

What is most striking about this team of coaches is their passion and depth of knowledge coupled with their warmth and approachability. Our team is comprised of 50 women of various ages, body types, levels of conditioning and fitness history. This wide spectrum of participants could pose a problem for other coaches, but Jeremy and Emily handled it expertly. They composed workouts which were exciting and challenging for each player, without pushing people beyond what was safe or comfortable for them. They paid close attention to players with injuries and offered simple scales or alternatives to movements. Throughout, they were immensely helpful, enthusiastic and encouraging.

Working with Jeremy and Emily was an amazing experience. It gave our team a strong base of conditioning and confidence for a successful season and we look forward to working with them again.”

-Erin Baumgartner, Chief Marketing Officer, Boston Renegades

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