"Biggest motivation"


Since starting at HFF I have lost 10 lbs (the healthy way) and went down 2 1/5 pants sizes. The best part is everyone notices, it’s not just me!

I have noticed huge changes in my energy level; it is definitely a lot higher and I am not winded/out of breath compared to when I first started.

I wish I was introduced to this program even earlier, but it’s never too late to start. The best motivating coaches ever! I love how you guys work with us to see what we are doing wrong and to help better us during our workouts. You guys brought the best
out of me. I didn’t think I had it in me. 3 months later, wow did I shock myself!

My biggest motivation is being able to rock cute active outfits, cute sneakers, and Emily’s badass outfits!

This gym is SO different from any other gym I have ever been to. The people are very motivating and we interact like a family! And it is not boring!!!

My biggest accomplishment so far been doing 86 burpees in 7 minutes and not die!

You should sign up! It’s such an excellent environment! You will not regret the end results! Yes yes yes!

The most important key to my success has been getting RESULTS!

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