"Biggest key to success"


My goal when I joined HFF was to feel healthier. I have struggled with my weight for the last 20 years and I really wanted this time to be different. So I did not set a “weight goal” but I did set a life change goal. I wanted to be able to go out and do things without being winded or the slowest person in the group. In 9 weeks I have really started to feel better and feel like I am moving forward with goal to be a healthier person.

The online scheduling tools make it easy to fit my workouts into my life. I love the way that the workout stays the same for several weeks at a time. This really helps me to see my accomplishments and to look forward to the next class so that I can stay on track. Jeremy and Emily are always your biggest cheerleaders. Hearing from them “you can do this” has made me more confident and helped keep me on schedule.

My biggest accomplishment so far is Being able to jump rope! I know that sounds silly but 9 weeks ago I couldn’t make one turn of the rope without tripping and landing on my butt. Now I am jumping rope with everyone and loving it.

I went from dreading everything to looking forward to being able to do a push-up or lift a heavier weight.

When I first joined I really didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to jump right into a class. Going to the semi private training enables me to learn at my own pace and feeling able to move ahead and get into the classes. It’s also a great way for J & E to work with me on things that are specific to my goals.

Jeremy and Emily and the staff have been my biggest key to success. I feel improved stamina and strength since joining HFF. I am lifting more, doing more cardio and loving the way I feel.

If you are not a “gym person” You are me. I’m still “not a gym person”, I made every excuse not to go and work out because I didn’t have the confidence to do it. Thanks to HFF I know I can do it! I look forward to going to the classes and to my semi’s to see what I can do now.

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