"My favorite exercise is the sled push"


Since joining High Function Fitness I’ve been able to increase my strength but more importantly I’ve seen real improvement in my stamina. The mixed strength and conditioning program Emily and Jeremy have put together has been very effective for me. The positive attitude and continuous encouragement of other members makes me feel success is within my reach.

The most exciting accomplishments for me so far have been setting a new personal record of 235 pounds for my deadlift but I’m more impressed that I can keep going with an intense exercise circuit for over 20 minutes. That is something I’ve never been capable of before. The nutritional challenge’s they are run have also been very effective!

I have more confidence in my movement and I generally feel a lot better. No more random aches and pains, more energy while on business travel, and I have to ability to move heavy objects safely as I know how to lift properly.

I’m not your typical “gym person” and HFF people do not have that gym person attitude. Jeremy and Emily will help you ease into the routines safely and at your own level. All you need is the desire to improve yourself, they’ll take it from there. They start all workouts with warm ups and extended stretches and always ask if anyone has any injuries or pain anywhere and will tailor the workout to work for you. I suggest you start with a semi private lesson if you’re worried about just jumping in to a class. The people at HFF are all really nice, don’t have anything to prove, and you’re sure to make new friends there.

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