"30lbs down. At 63, I’m reversing my age!"


I joined HFF in September 2015 after determining that my membership at another studio was not delivering the activity and programs I needed to improve my health i.e., lose weight, tone, and gain flexibility. I haven’t looked back since.

Results are what have given me the motivation to continue and improve. Jeremy and Emily (and the members) offer the encouragement and expertise – it’s my job to execute.

I have lost almost 30 lbs and 15.5 inches – I am able to do so much more than I did in the beginning. All my test results at the doctor’s last week showed unbelievable improvements – at 63 I am reversing my age limitations!

The cardio workouts are my favorite b/c they are the hardest for me – every time I sprint down that turf I realize it is something I couldn’t have done last year.

Semi-private training is challenging – it’s where you can work specifically in areas that improve your overall endurance and conditioning.

Encouragement would be my one word that has been most helpful to my success. Now I focus less on what I can’t do and more on what I can.

You have to try this…’s not easy leaving something you are comfortable with and coming to a new place, but if you are looking for improvement in any aspect of your health or fitness, you need to try HFF – Jeremy and Emily will make it all worthwhile and you won’t look back, either.

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