"Increased flexibility"


I’ve played team sports my whole life and recently left the Marine Corps after 11 years of service. I needed to be back in an environment where people push themselves and encourage each other. Everyone here has their own personal goals but as a community we are helping each other get there.

I have a 5 month old at home so being awake and making it in for the morning session isn’t too hard. In terms of motivation, I want to set an example for my kids. I also want to keep up with them now and when I’m really really old.

My most exciting accomplishment so far has been my ability to touch my toes! Increased flexibility is mind blowing.

Thrusters are my favorite exercise – regardless of the weight or the reps, it always feels like a great workout if Thrusters are involved.

Since joining HFF I have seen the biggest improvements in my mobility and less recovery time needed when doing long distance running.

My favorite part is that everything is salable so there is nothing to be nervous about.

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