"My key to success is determination"


Playing sports my life has caught up to me with certain injuries but I came to High Function for a better balance of workouts and to get back to having better cardio, mobility, and stamina. My favorite thing about working out is the group workouts because I think it pushes me to work harder or at the very least not slack off as much as I would if I worked out alone!

I try to workout 3 times a week and again mainly because we all ask each other at the end of the workout when we are coming again so it motivates me to keep my word.

The best accomplishment so far is losing weight from the fitness challenge that HFF ran!

My favorite exercise is either jumping rope or the assault bike.

My key to success is determination

I think the most progress since joining HFF is my energy level from endurance based workouts. I am reaching the end of the line for my athletic career but I believe HFF is the key to keeping me from becoming a couch potato which most people my age are. I want to be able to golf, bike and run around with my granddaughter and if I didn’t come to HFF I really don’t believe I would be able to do these things at a level I expect of myself.

I would say quit making excuses and get out of the comfort level you are at. Nothing worthwhile in life is easy nor should it be because to want to feel like you earned it. It has become a social thing as well as a workout and everyone at HFF welcomes anyone new with encouragement and support.

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