"Working together to push ourselves"


In my time training with HFF, I have learned more than I ever did in the 15 years working out at a regular weight lifting gym. I learned about working out properly and not always having to slam weights around to see results. I learned that just feeling great after a workout was better than always trying to lift heavier weights when I went to the gym. I learned slow progression leads to better results. Safer movements lead to less injuries. I have gained more mobility and flexibility in my everyday life just from the daily warm ups and stretching and that’s something I never got in all my years lifting weights.

Keeping consistent with my workouts is always a challenge. The things that motivate me the most are the monthly changes in the workout routines and always going into class trying to push myself to do better than I did the last class. The coaches are always a huge motivator when they cheer you on to do your best. And I would have to say all the other members. Coming into my normal 5:30 class and seeing people you know is always welcoming. All of us working together to push ourselves to the limit and encouraging one another is always a great feeling to make you come back. And I would have to say sometimes just the sense of a little competition with someone else in class makes you push yourself that much harder.

My biggest accomplishment in my time with HFF would have to be my stamina and endurance. By doing this type of training I have increased my over all energy. I can work for longer and stay at a higher energy level all day than i ever did before. It has taught me to push my body to the limit and a little bit further every time. I can honestly say at 32 I feel better faster and stronger than I ever have.

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact favorite exercise. They are all a love/hate kinda feeling but if I had to say what types are my favorite it would be barbell workouts. Push presses, and dead lifts anything that involves the barbell.

So far in my time with a semi-private training session the best part has been just knowing that your getting the direct attention to your specific wants and needs. The coaches will train you in the way you want to be trained and push you as hard as you want to be pushed. They actually care about your overall performance and achievements and always want you to do better.

Determination. I always go into class determined to push myself harder than I did the day before or try something new that i hadn’t done before. And hard work pays off with determination.

I see the most progress in my day to day life. This type of training with HFF has increased my quality of life exponentially. I have never felt better than I do now that I work out this way. My overall energy and mobility has never been better and I feel stronger now than I ever did lifting weights in a gym.

I would say this isn’t a gym its a community and if you’re looking to increase your quality of life then this is the place you want to be. There is nothing to be nervous about when you come here just go at your own pace and with time you will meet whatever goals you set for yourself with the help of HFF.

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