"Incredibly nice and encouraging"


My favorite thing about HFF is the community feel. Everyone is super friendly and very encouraging.

The unique workout schedule helps to motivate me to come to the gym. The four week rotation of workouts allows you to track your improvements week-to-week, so I always try to schedule my gym time on the same days to allow me to see my improvements. You know what your workout will be for the day and you can work on improving aspects of the workout because it will stay the same for four weeks.

This Saturday I will be running the Citi Field Spartan Race. While I’ve run Spartan races in the past, this will mark the first time that I will be running a race solo. Without the help and encouragement of HFF, I would not feel confident about running this race on my own.

My favorite exercise so far has been one we did in my semi-private. Emily had created a mock spartan workout using a sandbag and soft box. We had to get ourselves over the box with the sandbag in any fashion we liked.

At the beginning of this year, I started semi-private training. While the normal class size is on the smaller size, the semi-private sessions have allowed me to focus more on fixing my form and improving my weaker areas. With only 3 people in the group, the workout can be tailored to my personal goals.

Quality – The quality of the workouts and the focus on the quality of the movements has allowed me to see the improvements I have made since I started.

Since joining HFF, I have seen the most improvement in my flexibility (I’m getting closer to touching my toes!) and in my overall confidence in the workouts.

I have never considered myself much of a gym person. I’ve never been comfortable in the traditional gym setting. The hardcore “gym rats” were always intimidating and the atmosphere can feel very isolated and almost unwelcoming. This is not the case at HFF. Everyone I have met at HFF has been incredibly nice and encouraging. The attitude of the workouts focuses on the quality of the movements rather than quantity. Even the approach to the workout schedule is unique with the four week rotation of the same exercises and 12-week testing week. I’ve found that I can actually track my improvements with this type of schedule rather than guess at my improvements with an ever-changing daily workout. I’ve also noticed that it helps motivate me to work harder so that I can see the improvement from the previous week.

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