"Atmosphere is friendly and supportive."


I’ve learned so much about my body in the last 6 months – both strengths and relative weaknesses. And that knowledge is extremely valuable both in and out of the gym. I’ve also put on 5 pounds of muscle, although I admit some of that might just be my sweet tooth.I have learned that the key to maintaining a gym routine is making your workout a priority. That means you may have to pass on happy hour or dinner plans, but that’s what’s necessary to establishing and maintaining your routine.

I think the way Jeremy and Emily structure semi-private training is empowering. It’s geared towards consistent improvement and achievement. Jeremy will say to me “I’ve got a number in my head”, and that one sentence is an instant jolt of extra motivation to excel.

The most exciting thing that has happened for since I started at High Function Fitness is accomplishing a 160 yard body weight farmer’s carry.

High Function Fitness is exactly the type of gym for someone who is “not a gym person”. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive.

It’s a unique camaraderie. Every movement can be modified based on fitness level, mobility, etc. And again, you will learn so much about your body and how to improve your overall health. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

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