Success Stories

from our members
30lbs down. At 63, I’m reversing my age!
LINDA H.s success story
linda h.
Biggest motivation
TAMMIE N.s success story
tammie n.
Consistency is the key to my success
STEVE D.s success story
steve d.
Lost over 15 pounds
YVONNE H.s success story
yvonne h.
Enthusiastic and encouraging
the boston renegades
Increased flexibility
DAVE C.s success story
dave c.
My favorite exercise is the sled push
PETER G.s success story
peter g.
Working together to push ourselves
CRAIG C.s success story
craig c.
I am having fun!l
MIKE L.s success story
mike l.
I feel Motivated
ASHLEIGH G.s success story
ashleigh g.
Atmosphere is friendly and supportive.
BEN M.s success story
ben m.
Biggest key to success
SIOBHAN R.s success story
siobhan r.
Incredibly nice and encouraging
CAROLINE B.s success story
caroline b.
My key to success is determination
CRAIG F.s success story
craig f.
Very professional
TJ B.s success story
tj b.
I am an athlete
briana d.

All you need is the desire to improve yourself and the coaches will take it from there.”

“I did not consider myself a “gym person” before HFF. Now I have more confidence in my movement and I generally feel a lot better. No more random aches and pains and I have much more energy!” – Peter G, HFF member since 2015


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.