Success Stories

from our members
  • LINDA H.'s success story

    30lbs down. At 63, I’m reversing my age!

    I joined HFF in September 2015 after determining that my membership at another studio was not delivering the activity and programs I needed to improve my health i.e., lose weight, tone, and gain flexibility. I haven’t looked back since. Results are w...

    LINDA H.

  • TAMMIE N.'s success story

    Biggest motivation

    Since starting at HFF I have lost 10 lbs (the healthy way) and went down 2 1/5 pants sizes. The best part is everyone notices, it’s not just me! I have noticed huge changes in my energy level; it is definitely a lot higher and I am not winded/out of ...


  • STEVE D.'s success story

    Consistency is the key to my success

    After that first week (3 days into it) I could barely move. Prior to that, I thought I was in decent shape because I ran 12+ miles a week and did some lifting at a gym a couple of days a week. HFF has really shown me what “in shape” really is and how ...

    STEVE D.

  • YVONNE H.'s success story

    Lost over 15 pounds

    Since joining HFF and training with Jeremy and Emily, I have lost over 15 pounds and I’ve gotten my first ever pull up! I’ve also noticed gains in strength and my core. I am the smallest I have been in 7 years! My favorite thing about HFF is the pe...


  • THE BOSTON RENEGADES's success story

    Enthusiastic and encouraging

    The Boston Renegades is a full contact, semi-professional Women’s Football team that has won three national Championships in the last 7 years. “Prior to our 2015 season we had the incredible opportunity to work with Emily and Jeremy on our conditio...


  • DAVE C.'s success story

    Increased flexibility

    I’ve played team sports my whole life and recently left the Marine Corps after 11 years of service. I needed to be back in an environment where people push themselves and encourage each other. Everyone here has their own personal goals but as a communit...

    DAVE C.

All you need is the desire to improve yourself and the coaches will take it from there.”

“I did not consider myself a “gym person” before HFF. Now I have more confidence in my movement and I generally feel a lot better. No more random aches and pains and I have much more energy!” - Peter G, HFF member since 2015


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.