How we started High Function Fitness

More Than Just a Gym

Our Story

High Function Fitness is a Functional Training gym with expert coaching and a community of happy, hard-working, humble people. HFF is committed to delivering results through group training, semi-private training, personal training, and nutrition coaching. Co-Founders, Jeremy & Emily opened High Function Fitness in 2015 intending to create a community of people that look forward to going to the gym. High Function Fitness makes sure its members feel welcomed an encouraged no matter their fitness level. Every time you walk in the door, there is a smiling face who knows your name and is ready to help you achieve your goals. The workouts are never dull, and coaches progress members through at their own pace to help achieve the results they want. The style of training at High Function Fitness is born from Emily & Jeremy’s fitness and athletic backgrounds. Playing sports allowed them to experience athletic performance programs focused on agility, speed, stamina, and strength. They also have experience training in the popular “box gym” atmosphere. You know the ones. A line of treadmills, lots of machines, and some weights over by the mirrors. They knew they could make training more fun than that. In 2013, they met while both coaching at an athletic training facility where they found their passion for fitness. Less than a year later, they became certified CrossFit trainers and dove headfirst into the CrossFit world. Jeremy & Emily found a love for many aspects of that world: the community & camaraderie, the relatively high-intensity workouts, the focus on flexibility, and the emphasis on nutrition. But, for the people that they wanted to work with (working professionals, non-professional athletes, what some call “normal” people who want to be healthier and live longer),CrossFit at that time, from their perspective, didn't seem like the ideal solution. They saw unnecessary injuries from complex movements in huge classes that didn’t give participants the adequate assessment and attention to detail they wanted the people they coached to have. They knew they could provide people with a better fitness experience than that. Emily & Jeremy wanted to take what they learned from athletic performance training and combine it with the effective aspects of CrossFit. Thus, High Function Fitness was born! An approachable version of CrossFit-style training with an emphasis on agility, mindset, and overall health & wellness.  


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.