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At High Function Fitness we strive to be more than just a gym. We want to improve the quality of people’s lives. As fitness professionals who have been in the industry for almost a decade, we, the co-owners of High Function Fitness, believe we should be able to service any individual, regardless of age, ability, or health-related issues. Through corrective movement, functional fitness, the right coaches and the right environment, success can be achieved.

We wanted to create a community of people who can’t wait to get back to the gym. When you walk in the door, our staff and other members greet you by name – not because they looked it up on the computer – but because they actually know you and care about you, and they understand that they get better if you get better!

We dreamed of creating an environment where members are as comfortable at the gym as they are in their own home. Where after each workout you feel energized and excited by the progress you can feel yourself making. A place where lifestyle changes happen everyday because of your ability to take a step out of your comfort zone. Where breakthroughs are made side by side many like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you.

We have spent years working and participating at various types of gyms and have the pleasure of working with a lot of fantastic people. But, after gaining experience, continuing our education, and working with other trainers and facility owners whose missions and core values did not align with ours, we felt that it was time to make it happen on our own.

BOOM! High Function Fitness was born……

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