From time to time, we get a “Yeah but you’re a trainer, you’ve always been fit” and we smile a little bit because, like everyone else that walks through our doors at High Function Fitness, our fitness journeys have not always been full of fitness.

Growing up, Coach Jeremy was always the smallest kid on the court. Even once he discovered a passion for working out, he found it near impossible to ever “put on size”.

Fast-forward a few years, add the stress of opening a small business, let workouts fall to the bottom of the priority list, all while eating whatever was most convenient: “putting on size” was no longer the issue!

To be honest, as fitness professionals (and as people) we are usually our own worst critics and being an “un-fit” trainer was far from Jeremy’s goal. After putting on almost 40lbs in 9 months, he made the decision to prioritize his workouts and treat them like important business meetings. We preach to our clients the importance of making yourself a priority and it was time to walk the walk.

Change did not happen overnight but he committed himself to his program for the last 6 months. More importantly, he checked his ego and prioritized the quality of his movement in every single workout. He drastically reduced his body fat percentage and lost 20lbs❕ His movement patterns are better than ever and just recently he put up some lifetime PR’s in his bench press, strict pull ups, clean & jerk and snatch. Magic!!

Just kidding it’s not magic! Set a goal and take your fitness journey one step at a time. If you are serious about changing your body, becoming stronger, or just feeling better, then get serious! Falling off the wagon happens to the best of us. We know what it’s like to get your butt kicked by that first workout that “should ‘a been” or “used to be” easy. It’s a tough feeling. But day after day, come back for more, stick to your plan, don’t be afraid to lean on the community around you, and the results will come.

Ready to start your fitness journey? Let us help. Email [email protected] and take that first step towards being the best version of you!