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Annette B.

Learn more about our January and first MoM of 2020, Annette!


What or who brought you to High Function Fitness?

The who: Michelle, She was a co-worker that was coming for personal training 4x a week.  The what: I was unfit, obese, and ready to do something about it.


What was it like getting started? How did your first workout go?

My first workout was awful. My feet hurt the most because they were making me do whatever it is they were making me do. I remember thinking, “are my feet supposed to hurt this much?!?” Overall, it was hard to do some things, and I just felt really slow.


How long have you been a member and what has changed in your life during that time due to your experience here? 

I’ve been here for about 7 months. My first day was on June 12, 2019. It was the last day of school. My weight and fitness have changed the most. No matter how depressed or tired I am, or how bad I’m feeling, I can come here and I feel better, so it energizes me. I’m going through a lot in my personal life, and working out allows me to forget that for a while. I’ve developed a routine – I try to go to 3 group classes and 1 semi-private a week – and there’s not a time I’ve never not wanted to come (except for once).  I hated going to other gyms like Planet Fitness because I went in and I didn’t know what to do – and I wasn’t one to push myself, so I’d just walk on the treadmill.  I love the guidance I get here at HFF, and they (Jeremy and Emily) are friendly and just so upbeat all the time. I like the fact that they care.


What do you like about HFF that keeps you coming back?

See my answers above, but also the camaraderie and positivity that both of these lovely people all exude. I also like that there’s a modification for everything!


What class time do you attend the most, and are there any regular members you work out with at that time?

I usually work out at 5:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the school year and at noon during the summers.  I’ve been trying to do the Saturday semi-privates. If I can’t do the semi-privates on Saturdays, I just have to adjust my schedule. There are lots of regulars in the 5:15 class, but two members I can think of are Kristie & Tony.


What are you most proud of accomplishing?

My general well-being – I feel fitter, more energetic, learned a whole new way to eat. I’m proud of just the fact that I’m more fit and it doesn’t hurt except for my knees – I have artificial knees, but now I can now do a 12” box jump!


What are some of your favorite workouts or experience(s) with HFF and the community here?

All the same above – positivity, being able to do the classes and not feeling self-conscious.


What are your short term and long term goals?

I would like to get to a point where my muscles outweigh my fat.


What advice do you have for our newer members or those thinking about jumping in?

Do it. Make time for it. For me, I like to schedule a whole week in advance. I used to say “I don’t have time”, and I’ve realized it’s my time for myself and I prioritize it because it’s important for my well-being. 


Tell us a little about yourself – where do you work? What are some of your favorite hobbies outside the gym?

I’ve been a teacher for 20 years. Right now, I’m a teacher for 6th grade Special Education. Quilting is my favorite hobby. I just started an after school club to teach quilting. 


Motto or Phrase you live by?

Make time for yourself. Be good to yourself. Be true to yourself. That’s the best lesson I’ve learned in this gym – that you matter. You gotta love yourself before you can love anyone else.


Favorite music to listen to while working out?

I don’t really care about music – Personally, I think it’s a little loud during the group classes, but I know it’s to pump up and motivate others so I’m ok with it. I like country music. I really like Zac Brown Band and Blake Shelton.


What is something we might not know about you?

I have two artificial knees and a broken back in the 80s. Look at what I can do now!




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