Athlete of the MonthMarch

Nicoli Ames

Learn more about our March MoM, Nicoli!

What or who brought you to High Function Fitness?

I moved here from Colorado almost exactly 1 year ago for a less stressful job. Despite having more time on my hands here, I was spending virtually no time exercising (and enjoying a lot of Dunkins). Then I read something in the fall that said the best time to start a New Years resolution is November. And for whatever reason, that motivated me to start looking for a gym. I knew that a regular class schedule would help motivate me, and I was drawn in by the HFF website, because they did an excellent job portraying their love of their gym community.


What was it like getting started? How did your first workout go?

I was a bit intimidated when I first showed up at the gym to meet Jeremy. The evening class was in full swing and the members were all rapidly moving around to different stations doing all sorts of exercises I had never done before. I was worried I wouldn’t know how to keep up. So, I started with a couple semi-private workouts with Jeremy, and before long I started group classes. Every time I showed up the coaches greeted me with a smile and made me feel like I belonged. I only went a handful of times over my first couple weeks, because my body was exhausted. But despite the exhaustion, I felt like I had more energy.


How long have you been a member and what has changed in your life during that time due to your experience here? 

I just started in December 2019. Overall, my energy levels are higher, and the regular schedule of the classes has helped me to be less of a workaholic, because I know I have to leave the office to get to the gym. Also, being relatively new to the area, the gym has helped me feel a bit more connected to Woburn.


What are your short term and long term goals?

My short term goal is to be more fit so that my other activities aren’t so taxing. Long term, I want to age well and have great mobility until I’m over 100! 


What sort of life changes have you experienced because of HFF that you didn’t expect?

I participated in the Healthy Living Challenge earlier this year. I was transformed from somebody that rarely cooked vegetables to someone who makes sure they are in every meal. I hope I can stick with it.


What do you like about HFF that keeps you coming back?

Number 1 is the friendly coaches. Every time I show up, they have smiles on their faces. I know they must have bad days, but it never shows. Their positive attitude spreads to all of the members as well. Also, it’s a great workout. I’m starting to see changes in my fitness level and physique, so that makes me feel better about myself.


What class time do you attend the most, and are there any regular members you work out with at that time?

I usually come to the 6:15 class where I regularly see Claire, Dennis, Peter, and Cassandra. I also come to the Saturday morning class where there’s a large group of regulars


What are you most proud of accomplishing?

I’m most proud of how I’ve managed to come to the gym regularly. I haven’t exercised this routinely in 15 years! I wrote on the white board that my goal for 2020 was to make it to class 3 days a week, and it turns out I’ve had no issue showing up 4-5 days a week (I hope I didn’t just jinx it!)


What are some of your favorite workouts or experience(s) with HFF and the community there?

I really like the Saturday morning workouts. They are a great way to jump start my weekend. I also like the workouts that include the rowers (who knew that I was a half-way decent rower!?) and the outdoor sprints.


What advice do you have for our newer members or those thinking about jumping in?

Don’t be intimidated. The coaches always graciously help with modifications for all exercises.


Tell us a little about yourself – what is your life like outside the gym? 

I live and work right here in Woburn, not far from HFF. I’m a mechanical engineer at a small startup called Boston Metal. We’re commercializing a process to make steel without producing CO2. I have two wonderful dogs (Bessie and Baxter) that love to participate in the HFF Zoom workouts. My favorite hobbies are hiking, camping, gardening, and telemark skiing.


Motto or Phrase you live by?

I’m not really a quote person. Boring engineer…


Favorite music to listen to while working out?

“Cardio Dance/EDM” station on Google Play Music


What is something we might not know about you?

I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Washington state!