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Ali K.

Get to know our April MoM, Ali!

What or who brought you to High Function Fitness?

I was working in the building and a coworker, Richie :), told me about it. I had been complaining about how hard it was to get home after work and go motivate myself to go back out to go to the gym, and he suggested HFF because it was right next door and would eliminate that excuse not to work out.

What was it like getting started? How did your first workout go?

I remember going for the consultation with Jeremy, and during the Functional Movement Screen, you guys give a number 1-3, and he gave me a two on my squat. This surprised me because it was the only thing I was confident that I could do, so I asked why. While I don’t’ remember his exact answer, I do remember him saying I was probably tight in my hip flexors, which I had been recently, and from that, I was sold.

One, because I needed to prove my squat is better than a two.  And two, because I knew at that moment that you guys were educated in what you do and would provide more for me than just working out. 

I have always been fairly athletic but trying new workouts always intimidated, so I was a little nervous for my first class, but it ended up being a Tabata. I remember being dead but also loving it and the positive energy from both Emily and Jeremy after the class.


How long have you been a member, and what has changed in your life during that time due to your experience here? 

I have been a member for four years, and before this, I never really enjoyed working out. Throughout my life, I would go through phases of working out…workout every day for three months then not once for three months and so on but coming here made me want to work out every day instead of feeling like I had to. It started with the fact that its small classes, so I would be held accountable and have to text if I signed up for a class but was too lazy and wanted to back out. But having to give an excuse to cancel gave me the push not to cancel, and eventually, it became my choice to come, and I was excited rather than obligated. Now I’ve been working out at least five days a week consistently for about three years. 


What do you like about HFF that keeps you coming back?

Honestly, what don’t I like about it? I like the structure of the workouts (warm-up, stretch, mobility, workout). I like that the focus on mobility and stress for correct movement over the fastest time or heaviest lift. I like puppies! Walking into them, jumping on you to say hi makes my day! I like the people; everyone in the class is friendly, outgoing, and encouraging. I like that you guys make it a goal to create a community out of your members, and we do things outside of the gym. I like that I have gained two great friends from it that not only motivate me to work harder during the workouts and also push me to live a healthier lifestyle but that I can let loose and have guilt-free fun with and that act as my therapists at times :) 


What class time do you attend the most, and are there any regular members you work out with at that time?

I am a proud nooner, and by far the youngest of the “Alzheimers class.” Craig, Rich, and Kathy and Linda (and Mike before he left us for Cali) are the OGs at that time. Bill has become a regular since retirement. And then other frequent ones are Becky and Amanda (Fridays only). 


What are you most proud of accomplishing?

My proudest accomplishment is oddly not about working out. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been proud of PRs or finally getting a gymnastics type movement (toes to bar!). But, I’m most proud of the knowledge I’ve learned about my own body. I’ve pushed myself here a lot more than I would have before. (Legit said I would never even try Crossfit before I started here) and figured out how to get out of my mental block or even been able to realize when I’m in a mental or emotional state, and I shouldn’t work out. I’ve learned a lot about my anatomy and how it reacts to workouts: how to stretch the tight areas of my body and why something hurts and how to fix the pain rather than just accept it as a movement my body won’t allow me to do. 


What are some of your favorite workouts or experience(s) with HFF and the community there?

Favorite workouts: Deck of cards, Descending ladders. I like it when we have a certain number of reps to do for however many movements or a certain number of rounds rather than minutes. (Personally think I take more rests when it’s minute based) I also like it when we do quality circuits and are forced to do the movements slower and be more meticulous 

Experiences: Engagement party, birthday (week) party, polar plunge, spike ball, pool parties, pretty much every time we drink together :) 


What are your short term and long term goals?

Short term: Stay moving during quarantine! It’s very easy to sit and watch movies all day or eat like crap and just let myself go, but no matter how tired I feel when I wake up or blah, I feel throughout the day the workout always puts me in a better mood. 

Long term: To continue to keep my heart strong, body healthy, and push my limits. 


What sort of life changes have you experienced because of HFF that you didn’t expect?

I feel like I’ve said it kind of a few times throughout my answers, but my whole mentality on working out changed. I went from working out because everyone tells you its the healthy thing to do to realizing it myself and enjoying it. It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain, but once you get there, it’s a huge shift and completely changes the way you view working out. And with that base that it’s set for me, it’s helped me through mental stuff as well. I went through probably the most difficult thing in my life recently, and it gave me sanity simply by being a constant and reliable factor of my life. Even when I wasn’t emotionally or mentally ready to workout, the constant support and positive energy from you guys helped me. And now the gym feels like home in a way so if I was emotional it wouldn’t stop me from coming because it became a safe place to go and get whatever I need out of the workout that day rather than feeling like I have to be in high spirits or “in the mood to workout.” 


What advice do you have for our newer members or those thinking about jumping in?

Embrace it! Get out of your head and stop limiting yourself with negative thoughts. Everyone is just here doing the best they can for themselves so own it, push yourself harder, and try to have some fun :) 


Tell us a little about yourself – what is your life like outside the gym? Do you have kids/pets/spouse/partner? What are some of your favorite hobbies outside the gym?

Oh God, I suck at this stuff. It’s hard when your hobbies mainly consist of drinking, but here we go :) I am a strong dog lover but don’t currently have any pets of my own. I live in South Boston with three of my friends. I like hanging out with friends, traveling, and being outdoors, hiking, or day drinking! During quarantine, I have learned how to crochet and realized that I am a much better cook than I thought I was! And I love baking!


Motto or Phrase you live by?

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. 


Favorite music to listen to while working out?

I don’t remember the playlist but one of the booty ones. I like hood songs and the old school 90s music :) Pretty much anything I can sing or dance to.


What is something we might not know about you?

I have a bronze metal from the Special Olympics. I’ll be happy to tell you about it in class .

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